Pucho Cigars new brand identity.
Pucho is an exclusive private label cigar made with 100% Cuban seed grown in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. The expertise of the Plasencia Family, the highest quality Cuban seed and the most fertile land in the world combine to make Pucho Cigars a uniquely high quality cigar made especially for connoisseurs.

Puchos are hand rolled by legendary cigar maker Nestor Plasencia and his team of experts. Plasencia is carrying on the family tradition in the tobacco business into the fifth generation. The Plasencia family is known for producing cigars of extraordinary quality with premium richly aged tobacco. 

Pucho Cigars are intimately and intricately made by hand. From start to finish over 200 individuals work on each and every Pucho. Each cigar is bunched, rolled and trimmed by Plasencia Family using centuries old techniques.

For the past two decades Pucho Cigars were only available through private appointment with tobacconist Michael “Pucho” Palma. The introduction of this website presents a new market with its first opportunity to purchase this exclusive private label cigar. 

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